People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Command to examine election of Archibald, archdeacon of Moray, to see of Caithness

Type of Transaction
Command / mandate
From Source
2/147/20 (Theiner, no. 259)
Firm date
1 November 1274
Dating Notes
Kal. Nov., pontifical year 3

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Addressor Gregory, pope (d.1276) Gregorius Gregory, bishop, etc. 1272 × 1275
Addressee Archibald, bishop of Moray (d.1298) Moraviensi [Episcopis] bishop of Moray 1249 × 1297
Addressee Hugh of Benholm, bishop of Aberdeen (d.1282) Aberdonensi [Episcopis] bishop of Aberdeen 1247 × 1281
Addressee Laurence, bishop of Argyll (d.1299×1300) Ergadiensi [Episcopis] bishop of Argyll 1268 × 1299
named person (transaction) Archibald Herok, bishop of Caithness (d.a.1279) Archebaldum Archibald, archdeacon of Moray 1256 × 1275
named person (transaction) Robert, vicar of Duffus Robertum Master Robert, perpetual vicar of Duffus 1275 × 1294
named person (transaction) Roger de Castello, master, canon of Caithness Rogerum Master Roger, canon of Caithness
named person (transaction) Innocent V, pope Ostiensi et Velletrensi Episcopo bishop of Ostia e Velletri
named person (transaction) G., cardinal-priest of S. Martino, papal legate G G., cardinal priest of S. Marco 1217 × 1217
named person (transaction) J., cardinal-deacon of S. Maria in Cosmedin I I., cardinal-deacon of S. Maria in Cosmedin