People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Confirmation of previous liberties and declaration of 'special daughter' status of Scottish church

Type of Transaction
From Source
2/136/1 (Haddan and Stubbs, Councils, ii, I, 273-74 )
Firm date
13 March 1192
Dating Notes
3 id. Mar., pontifical year 1

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Addressor Celestine III, pope (d.1198) Clemens [sic Celestinus] Celestine, bishop, servant of servants of God 1192 × 1196
Addressee William I, king of Scots (d.1214) Willelmo William, king of Scots 1145 × 1213
named person (transaction) Bishopric of St Andrews [sedes Episcopales] Sancti Andreae episcopal see of St Andrews 1254 × 1296
named person (transaction) Bishopric of Glasgow [sedes Episcopales] Glascuensis episcopal see of Glasgow 1166 × 1170
named person (transaction) Bishopric of Dunkeld [sedes Episcopales] Dunkeldensis episcopal see of Dunkeld 1163 × 1163
named person (transaction) Bishopric of Dunblane [sedes Episcopales] Dumbinensis episcopal see of Dunblane
named person (transaction) Bishopric of Brechin [sedes Episcopales] Brehinensis episcopal see of Brechin 1219 × 1219
named person (transaction) Bishopric of Aberdeen [sedes Episcopale] Aberdonensis episcopal see of Aberdeen
named person (transaction) Bishopric of Moray [sedes Episcopale] Moraviensis episcopal see of Moray 1222 × 1225
named person (transaction) Bishopric of Ross [sedes Episcopale] Rosenensis episcopal see of Ross
named person (transaction) Bishopric of Caithness [sedes Episcopale] Katinensis episcopal see of Caithness

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
privileges in general (all liberties, etc.) general privileges granted by papacy
'Special Daughter' status of Roman Church 'Special Daughter' status of Roman Church