People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Gift of possessions from King David

Type of Transaction
From Source
2/130/2 (Scotia Pontificia, no. 35)

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Grantor David I, king of Scots (d.1153) David David, late king of Scots 1118 × 1152
Beneficiary Kelso Abbey 1131 × 1311
in the time of (tempore) David I, king of Scots (d.1153) David David, king of Scotland 1118 × 1152
in the time of (tempore) John, bishop of Glasgow (d.1147) Iohannis John, bishop 1119 × 1147

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
ROX (Roxburghshire) villa of Kelso villam de Chelceho Kelso
ROX Redden Reveden Redden
ROX Bowden Pothelden Bowden
ROX Midlem Midilham Midlem
SLK Whitmuir Witemer Whitmuir
SLK Selkirk Sellechirche Selkirk
SLK Whitlaw Witelau Whitlaw
MLO Traverlen Travele[...] Traverlen
ROX (Roxburghshire) 3 tofts (mansuras) in Rochesburg tres mansuras Roxburgh
ROX (Roxburghshire) churches of Roxburgh in episcopatu de Glasgu ecclesias burgi de Rochasburc Roxburgh
ROX (Roxburghshire) parish cum parrochia Roxburgh
ROX (Roxburghshire) church of Sprouston [ecclesiam] de Sprorostana Sprouston
SLK (Selkirkshire) church of Selkirk Regis ecclesia[m] S[e]llech[ir]che regis Selkirk
ROX (Roxburghshire) church of Mow ecclesiam de Molla Mow
PEB (Peeblesshire) church of West Linton ecclesiam de Lintun Ruthri West Linton
LAN (Lanarkshire) church of Wiston ecclesiam de Villa Wisce Wiston
ELO (East Lothian) church of Keith (ELO) in episcopatu sancti Andree [ecclesiam] de Cheth Keith-Marischal
ROX (Roxburghshire) church of Makerstoun ecclesiam de Malcaruistun Makerstoun
BWK (Berwickshire) church of Hume ecclesiam de Hom Hume
BWK (Berwickshire) church of Fogo ecclesiam de Fogghou Fogo
BWK (Berwickshire) church of Simprim ecclesiam de Simpbergh Simprim
BWK (Berwickshire) church of St Laurence of Berwick eclesiam sancti Laurentii de Berewic Berwick