People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Possession: Teinds formerly received in bishopric of Moray

From Source
1/7/271 (RRS, iii, no. 264)
Firm date
4 March 1238
Dating Notes
4th day of March, regnal year 24

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Holder (possession) Andrew Murray, bishop of Moray (d.1242) 1202 × 1242

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
NAI (Nairnshire) teinds item, in ballia de Inuernaren, de Abbircaledouer Cawdor
NAI (Nairnshire) teinds de Kyndrumyn' Kildrummie
NAI (Nairnshire) teinds de Geddeys Geddes
NAI (Nairnshire) teinds de Vrcheny Urchany
NAI (Nairnshire) teinds de Rate Rait
NAI (Nairnshire) teinds de Lenedycothe Lenedycothe
NAI (Nairnshire) teinds de Balnecath' Balmakeith
NAI (Nairnshire) teinds de Aldhen' Auldearn
NAI (Nairnshire) teinds de Moythas Moyness
BNF (Banffshire) teinds de Molen Molen
INV (Inverness-shire) teinds decimarum [...] in ballia de Inuernys', de Ferneway Ferneway/Fernua
INV teinds of Drakies de Dreket Drakies
INV teinds of forest of Inverness de foresto de Inuernys' Inverness
INV teinds of Culloden de Culodin Culloden
INV teinds of Essich de Essy Essich
MOR (Moray) teinds from grieveship of Elgin Castle de prepositura castelli de burgo de Elgyn' Elgin
MOR (Moray) teinds de Kyntray Kintrae
MOR (Moray) teinds de Dyke Dyke
MOR (Moray) teinds item in ballia de Fores, de magna Kyncorth Meikle Kincorth
MOR (Moray) teinds de parua Kyncorth Little Kincorth
MOR (Moray) teinds de Brothyn Brodie
MOR (Moray) teinds de parua Kyntessoch Little Kintessack
MOR (Moray) teinds de Mundol Mundole
MOR (Moray) teinds de Altyr Kilmorack
MOR (Moray) teinds de Balnefery Balnaferry
MOR (Moray) teinds from grieveship de prepositura castelli de Vlerin Ulerin castle
MOR (Moray) teinds de Byn Binsness
MOR (Moray) teinds de Balmageth Balnageith
MOR (Moray) teinds tem in ballia de Elgyn', de Petendrech Pittendreich
MOR (Moray) teinds de Kindelaman' Kindelaman
MOR (Moray) teinds de Dunkenedy Dunkinty
MOR (Moray) teinds de Rathen' Rathenach
MOR (Moray) teinds de Fochobyr Fochabers
MOR (Moray) teinds de Inuerathyn Inverathyn (Inveravon?)
MOR (Moray) teinds de Alueys Alves
MOR (Moray) teinds de Argayn Ardgye