People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Transaction: Kelso abbey rental: temporalities (Bowden, ROX)

Type of Transaction
Extent of lands
From Source
4/39/38 (Kelso Lib., ii, 455-470)
Firm date
circa 8 August 1299
Dating Notes
Deposition of Abbot Richard of Kelso as rebel Scot x ???
Render dates
Martinmas (Feast of St Martin) [11 Nov.]; Pentecost (Whitsun)
Returns / Military
carriage service; men for reaping
Returns / Renders
money: marks; money: pennies; money: shillings

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Role Name Name (original language) Name (translation) Floruits
Current landholder Kelso Abbey None None 1131 × 1311
named person (transaction) Richard, abbot of Kelso (fl.1285-99) Ricardus Abbot Richard 1290 × 1296
named person (transaction) William of Ancrum, abbot of Kelso (x1317-26x) Willelmi de alincroma Brother William of Ancrum, then his chamberlain 1321 × 1324

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Type Name Original Text Related Place
ROX (Roxburghshire) barony of Bowden baroniam de bolden cum dominicis Grangiis villis husband' molden' et ceteris Bowden
ROX (Roxburghshire) vill of Bowden: 28 husbandlands (6s 8d) villam de bolden' in qua sunt viginti octo terre husbandorum Bowden
ROX (Roxburghshire) vill of Bowden: 36 cottages, each with 12 1/2 acres and half rod of land trigint' sex Cotag' que continent xii acras dimidiam acram Bowden
ROX (Roxburghshire) vill of Bowden: four brewhouses (10s) None Bowden
ROX (Roxburghshire) vill of Bowden: mill (8 marks) None Bowden