People of Medieval Scotland
1093 - 1371

Work with us

The database has the potential to allow learners and schools to engage with this vital period of Scottish history in an open ended way that responds to their own interests (for example, by focusing on people connected with their own area). The project team are keen to develop this as a resource for schools. An initial step is experimenting with some approaches to the database in the 'lab' section (/schools/interactive-labs/). There is much more to be done, though, before the database works effectively to support learning. The intention is to seek funding for this. A crucial preliminary is to have discussion with practitioners about how the database would work best for them. If the application for funding is to be successful, it will also be greatly appreciated if schools were willing to pilot the initial results.


The very first step is to introduce the database to practitioners. We would be happy to come to schools or elsewhere convenient to do this. This could then initiate discussion about the feasibility of potential piloting. If you teach history and would be interested in this, please feel free to contact